Editorial Current Event – 2/19/16

In the article, “The Terrorist’s iPhone: Our View” found on USAToday.com, the publisher talks about how Apple went to court and was asked to hack the phone to gather information. Since Apple said no, the case might be going all the way to the supreme court. The publisher agrees with Apple, if they hack into that phone, then anyone could get ahold of the hacking system and trouble could start. I agree with the publisher as well. It’s a terrible idea, if Apple hacks the system and opens a backdoor, thousands of smart hackers could get ahold of that knowledge and millions of people could lose their privacy and chaos would break lose. Millions of people, global, keep passwords, credit card information, and many more confidential information in their iPhones, it’s just a way of life us now.

Current Event – 2/5/16

In the article “It’s Past Time For L.A. to Seriously Regulate Its Oil and Gas Wells.” found on LATimes.com, it talks about the 1,000 wells in Los Angeles.
Environmental groups and other citizens want the drilling to stop. Over the past year, there’s been a severe gas leak in Porter Ranch, California and causing several people to get really ill. The publisher agrees that the drilling needs to stop and I agree as well. I’m all for drilling for oil and having the oil field business booming like it has in the past, but if it’s going to cause an extreme gas leak and thousands of citizens to get ill, then I strongly believe that drilling and fracking should stop.
This doesn’t just affect California, a major gas leak can occur anywhere around the world, we just have to be very cautious with our drilling. I think that oil wells and especially pipelines should be taken into an even serious matter so this doesn’t happen again.

Current Event 1/22/16

In the article ¨Flint Lead Crisis Getting a Tad Overblown: David Masito¨ found on USAToday.com, it mentions that the lead leaching out into the water source for Flint, Michigan, is getting out of hand. It says that the panicking needs to stop and the 8,000 kids in Flint are better off than before. Apparently, the cityś children have far less lead in their blood than their parents or grandparents did at the same age.
Even though they have less lead in their blood, they still don’t have clean water for daily necessary routines. I disagree with the article because the 99,763 people need help and we should be panicking because itś killed 10 people and affected 77. This not only affects Flint, Michigan, but the world.

Editorial Writing – 1/7/16

In the article, “American Sniper Widow: Gun Control Won’t Protect Us,” found on CNN.com, Taya Kyle, widow of late Chris Kyle, says she believes gun control is going to take away our rights to bear arms. Taya said that the violent crime rate has gone down in the past 20 years, but our fears have gone up. Taya mentions, that mass killings aren’t just from guns, but from other objects such as: pipe-bombs, a fertilizer truck in the Oklahoma City incident in April, 1995, knifes, box cutters, a pressure cooker in the Boston Marathon, and planes in 9/11, the end result is the same. Even though those objects were used for mass killings, millions of people still use those and there’s no control or bans.

I 100% agree with Taya because there isn’t any controls or bans on those objects, people who are wanting gun control aren’t thinking of the multiple ways people have done destruction with other objects. I also believe if we have gun control, criminals would be more chaotic to get a gun and if we weren’t allowed to have our right to bear arms, there would probably be even more shootings because the rebellion in them would want that to happen. If everyone had a gun, there wouldn’t be that many shootings because if someone pulled out a gun, anyone could pull out theirs and save the victim.